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Here are some things my previous clients have said about working with me.

Creative and Deep

"Nothing could have prepared me for the depth - it was quite a deep exercise! I learned a lot about the others in my group, and it would be very telling for supervisors. It triggered my creativity for sure! It reminds people of the power of play. Play brings people together, in family or in business, and that connection continues after the play is over."


"We got better ideas than if any one of us worked alone."


"Together we are so much greater than the sum of our parts."

Natural Facilitator

"Talia was a splendid facilitator for this unique team building exercise."


"Talia is a natural facilitator, she kept things moving smoothly and she provided support when needed."


"Talia was a really great instructor, she was very engaging."


"Talia is extremely effective and focused, and the activities bring a fun intensity to the work."


"Talia did a great job of walking us through the process of using LEGO® bricks to create metaphor and then apply teamwork to create a single vision."

Vision and Insight

"Talia's LEGO® workshop gave us vision and insight as a group to be able to see the story of our project come together. It created clarity and a roadmap to move forward with our purpose and goals."


"The ultimate goal was most definitely met and afterwards the team was able to build and continue the conversation that was built."

Serious Fun

"The LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® workshop was serious fun!"


"It was challenging in a most positive way, I was pleasantly surprised by my own creativity and that of my fellow participants."


"I think this process was fun, challenging, and interesting."


"Best retreat ever!!!"

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